Golden Visa is a type of visa that grants permanent residency to its owners and certain family members, in exchange of certain amount of investment in Spain. In order to apply for a Golden Visa through real estate investment (such as residence, commercial, land, parking lot), you need to invest in a real estate that is worth at least €500.000. This amount, however, does not need to come from a single investment, it can be the total sum of all your investments in the country. For example you can buy a flat in city center and a summer house by the sea, if the total price of these real estates adds up to €500.000 you will be eligible for Golden Visa.

With Golden Visa:

  • There is no mandatory minimum stay in Spain. You can continue living in another country and you will still be eligible to renewal.
  • The process to apply and get Golden Visa is faster and easier than other methods of obtaining residence permit.
  • You will be eligible to both work and live in Spain.
  • Your spouse and any other dependant family members will also be eligible to apply and get Golden Visa.

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