Real estate is a very good investment opportunity in Barcelona, where prices have been increasing consistently since the affects of 2008 crisis fading.

We help you in every step of the way to help you make the right investment including but not limited to:

  • Searching real estates through trusted realtors that suits your needs and wants.
  • Control of the building and the flat by professional architects and lawyers.
  • Gathering necessary documents to ensure everything is ready for the contract signing and the flat has no outstanding debts or mortgages.
  • Calculating any tax and cost in advance to avoid any additional charges.
  • Drafting the contract to ensure everything is done in accordance to the law.
  • Signing of the contract at the notary and registering the new owner.

Choosing the type of investment is also important, here are some real estate investment options:

House to Live

If you plan on living in Barcelona upon your purchase your criteria might be little different. The zone and the characteristics of your investment may depend on your personal preferences and we will take that into consideration while looking for an option.

House to Rent

Up on making your investment in Barcelona, you can choose to rent out your place for a steady monthly income. While searching for this type of investment it is important to consider places with high rentability.

Touristic Flat

In Barcelona, there are special 'touristic licences' that gives people permission to rent out their places to tourist through websites like Airbnb. Although local government does not issue these licences anymore it is possible to find flat with this license on sale. Touristic flats, although prices little higher due to value of the license, is a great way to earn high income through your investment. In many cases the return on investment will be 12-15 years, while you keep your valuable real estate.

Office Space

If you plan to open a business or a shop in Barcelona, directly purchasing an office space might be the option to take. In and around Barcelona there are many options for single person shops to medium size offices.

Contact us to learn more about how we fınd the perfect investment opportunity for you.